PMP(R) Certification Training with Exam Prep

PMP(R) Certification Live Online: Training companies like ours provide you a 35 hour certificate at the end of class. You can use this certificate for exam approval. You will learn everything you need to know to pass the PMP exam.

Authorized Prep Content in digital and Print: You receive this important Prep materials once you have purchased the training. The login for the digital content also provides some videos.

Other Class Content & Online Quiz Practice: We provide online quiz practice for 60 days post training, although you will get your login on the 3rd or 4th day of training. Online quiz practice provides interactive learning, and exercises your brain to think cognitively; that is, applying logic and reasoning. This practice will increase your cognitive skills, also preparing you to pass the PMP exam. We also provide Supplemental Materials that include 15 workflows and cross reference by subject to the Prep book. The workflows provide exam visibility, the same visibility is most helpful for managing your projects too.

PMP(R) Exam requirements are 35 hours of training plus 36 months / 4,500 hours or 60 months / 7,500 hours of project management experience (with a 4-year degree or equivalent or minimum of a high school diploma respectively). You can go back 8 years to collect that experience. We are always happy to review your work experience if you are interested in our training.

See all exam requirements, guarantee details: Take a PMP Certification Training.

What are examples of project management? Some people who take the training have never had a title of project manager, yet they have lead or managed projects. That’s because they title may have been designer, engineer, architect, systems analyst, or another profession. What is a project? It is a temporary endeavor. Something temporary has a start and end date. The project must also have a unique outcome. Without a unique outcome, it is not a project. For example, perhaps you develop high school curriculum for certain subjects. Every year, you have to update the curriculum due to changes. Then when you create it, and each year to update it, it would be a project. Or you develop organizational training programs and you also conduct the training. Most of training programs that you created for your organization can be run over and over throughout the year and sometimes for several years. The first time you create it, it is a project, along with the first training. However, after that, it is operations (routine work) until there are changes. Once it is updated then it can be counted as a project again. Or perhaps you are a systems analyst assigned who was assigned review of all As-Is systems and report on the need for system upgrades, To-Be systems. You did an extensive report, linking all organization objects and actors, etc. You can report this activity as project management experience. However, if you job is to pull data every day for your customers, and your reports are routine daily or monthly operations, then your work is not a project.

How can you gain experience for project management if you don’t have enough project management experience? Many people work on a project management team first, then those who show leadership ability are often given opportunity to lead projects. If you don’t have any or enough project management experience, you can also take the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)(R) certification. If you have some project management experience and have some work on an agile team, you might have enough experience for a specialization in agile projects, a PMI-ACP Certification. Perhaps you have always been a business analyst. Business analysts do projects 99% of the time. They do business analyst projects. These projects qualify them to take the business analyst exam and or the PMP Exam depending on the amount of experience they have. As you can see all these topics are related.

Take a PMP(R) Certification Training or a CAPM Certification Training or a PMI-ACP Certification Training or a Business Analyst Certification Training. You’ll be so glad your did.

Testimonials for: PMP or CAPM or PMI-ACP or PMI-PBA Certifications

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2-Day PMP(R) Certification, Live Online, Fast Track Review

2-Day Intensive PMP(R) Certification Exam Prep, Live Online for any experienced Project Managers. You will receive the same materials and tools as our four day trainees. See Materials and tools which includes 60 days of online quiz practice, containing over 1,900 questions. This class provides you time for self-learning. This 14 hours of training is an overall fast track review. You should schedule your 2 days or 4 evenings once you have finish any preparatory work you wish to do. SmartPath LLC is an Authorized Training Partner, (A.T.P.), # 3441. You can verify our certification badges at the bottom of our website page or go or see our instructor’s experience. See more on 2-Day PMP(R) Certification Intensive Prep.

PMI, PMP, Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P), and the PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep, are the registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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Six Sigma Certifications, Yellow & Green Belts

Six Sigma is all about qualify project management. The Yellow belt certification doesn’t require as much experience, and the math in the exam is not difficult. Six Sigma Greenbelt does require more experience and good algebra skills. We do these classes when our trainees request them, so don’t be shy about requesting dates. We will post the dates you want on our website so others can also join, or we can do a class just for your organization. We look forward to see you in class for Yellow Belt or Green Belt Certification soon.

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Business Analysis, PMI-PBA(R) Certification Prep

PMI-PBA(R) Certification equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to pass the PMI-PBA exam which is also what you need to implement your BA projects. If you area a business analyst, passing the PMI-PBA(R) exam and the PMP(R) Certification Exam, can be a great benefit to your career. See PMI-PBA(R) Exam requirements. The PMI-PBA is highly specialized. It provides the knowledge and skills to work with high level management.

Does Title Matter?
Project managers have analysis experience and most business analysts have project management experience. Whether or not you have one or either title or even another title, it doesn’t matter. It is what you have done that counts. If you have up to three to five years of experience in either field, chances are you have enough experience in order to qualify for the PMI-PBA Exam, along with this training. 

The BA’s Training Role and Focus:
The selected projects of the organization are usually kept aligned by the BA to the goals and objectives of the organization in order to achieve business value. This work is done in collaboration with appropriate stakeholders. The class is focused on needs assessment, requirements management start to end, aligning requirements to strategy, process improvement, tools, solution evaluation and taking an organization through change.

The instructor is an expert and teaches even very senior analysts. Join a PMI-PBA(R) training. You’ll be so glad you did. See our testimonials. We offer this class about 4 times a year. Sometimes we can fit another training within our schedule, so reach out to us if you’d like to take the training and we will see what we can do.

PMI and PMI-PBA are the registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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PMI-ACP(R) Certification Training, Agile

The PMI-ACP(R) Certification Training, Live Online, tailors your knowledge to 10 methodologies, including hybrid agile.  It details the roles of the BA, Product Owner, Agile Project Manager, the Development Team, and the Sponsor. If you have had some involvement or collaboration with agile development teams, it is possible that you qualify to take this Agile Specialization training. The instructor is an expert. if you’re having issues on your agile team, you can get answers in this class. If you don’t see dates that suit, talk to Nereda Haque, PMP and we’ll try our best to accommodate. Join our PMI-ACP training. Most people take their exam within 15 to 60 days of training. Our quiz practice and workflows are also an important part of your exam success. See our testimonials. See you in class soon.

PMI and PMI-ACP are the registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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PMP(R) Certification Prep for any V6 Trainee to Transition to the 2021 Exam

PMP(R) Certification Prep, Live online, PMP Intensive Prep with an overview of what’s new starting 2021 for the current PMP exam.  This class is just 2 days and 14 hours. What if you took a former V6 training and you weren’t able to take the PMP(R) Exam for lots of reasons?  This PM Intensive Prep covers the new information in class and provides you the same Prep book / digital content that our trainees receive for a 4-day PMP training, so you can review what you should have learned when you took your earlier prep training. You will also receive online quiz practice that runs for 60 days post training.  These are learning quizzes.  This class is a great use of your time and saves you money if you are a practicing Project Manager with 3 or more years of experience.  If you need a 4 day training, click here. To review all shorter prep trainings and self-paced learning with some instructor input, then click here. If you took a V5 or older training, then this 2 day intensive PMP class would be better for you. It provides an overall fast track Prep, highlighting areas of significance that you cannot ignore. It is expected that you will spend time reviewing your materials for all trainings. If you want the instructor-led training to cover everything, then you don’t want review pointers, or any self-paced learning. Take a 4-day training instead. Note: Shorter prep trainings can always be traded in for a longer training.

Whatever your training or prep choice, you will receive the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Prep content in digital and print, SmartPath LLC’s supplemental material which includes cross references to the Prep book and the 15 Workflows that SmartPath LLC provides in digital, and more, as well as Online quiz practice that starts on the last day of class or before and runs for 60 days post training. We answer all questions by texts, emails, or scheduled phone calls while you are preparing for your exam. See materials, content and tools for all details. See testimonials. Join our Live Online training. Like thousands before you, you’ll be so glad you did! 2-day V6 transition Intensive Prep of what’s do for 2021 exam. 2 days PM Intensive Prep, Overall for V6, V5 and earlier certification trainees. 4 day PMP(R) Prep or to see all Prep choices including other self-learning with different options for instructor input.

PMI, PMP, Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P), and the PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep, are the registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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