PMP(R) Certification Exam and Continuous Updates

While the PMP(R) exam may vary its emphasis from time to time, and it may fluctuate within the concerns of Project Management Professionals and the companies they represent but the exam information being taught will always fall within the current exam outline. The current exam started 1/2/2021. There is a lot of information for Agile, Hybrid and Predictive Project management in what is known as the 2021 exam, as that is the date it started. Agile is incremental and iterative and Predictive Lifecycles can also be incremental and interactive, while Predictive. An Agile project within the bounds of a Predictive Lifecycle (Overall it’s call a Hybrid Project) needs to fall within the constraints of Scope, Schedule, and Costs; however, there can be more flexibility within a Predictive Incremental Lifecycle for the agile portion of a project because much of the Incremental Lifecycle can be discovery or “To Be Determined,” which is why the Predictive Incremental Lifecycle can be chosen for a project.

For the 2021 PMP(R) Exam a lot of agile and hybrid skills are being taught. This is because Hybrid Project Management is with us for good. Agile Project Management is still being chosen for software development, Predictive (Traditional, Waterfall) Project Management is still be used for lots of projects that need Scope, Cost and Schedule. Companies find it necessary that project managers should be trained in all things project management.

Also consider that the number of calculation questions, quality, risk or other types of questions may vary from time to time.

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