Agile Project Management Learning Steps

Agile Interactive Quizzes are designed for interactive learning. By reviewing the questions and aligning with the best answer that you are selecting, you are doing “Interactive Learning” using questions and answers. If you understood the logic and reasoning of the best answer, you achieved the value and purpose of this interactive learning.

  1. Read the question, and in your mind “reason the question”
  2. Try to answer the question in your mind before reading the answer choices
  3. Review all the answer choices
  4. Select an answer or answers
  5. Critique your answer and compare it with the answer provided for the question
  6. If you selected the best answer(s) that matches the answer provided, reason out what prompted you to pick that answer. Each question provides reasoning and logic explanation
  7. If you selected the wrong answer(s) that does not match the answer provided, reason out what you missed and ask yourself whether you relate to the reasoning and logical explanation in the answer provided
  8. When you continue learning, comprehending, and increasing your understanding (logic and reasoning), that equates to cognitive thinking


  • Complete all quizzes by comprehending the best answers. See the steps outlined in the previous paragraph.
  • Take notes of any subject-related key words and acronyms while learning by using Questions and Answers. If you have the paper copy, use highlighters and colored stickies
  • Schedule regular sessions for learning by using Questions and Answers
  • You may create your own multiple choice questions using cognition (logic & reasoning) for practice.
  • Schedule your exam. First you must apply for the exam (
  • After your application is approved which usually takes two to five days, pay for your exam.
  • Application approval and exam payment gives you the eligibility to take the exam. You can take exam within a year.
  • Then select exam center, date and time to take your exam, when you are ready to PASS it.

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