PMP(R) Exam Prep

The PMP Exam Prep and the Authorized Prep book are aligned to specific skills that employers want you to have within their organizations. The Project Management Institute surveys employers every few years to identify these skill gaps. These skills are addressed in the Exam Content Outline (ECO). Those people who have been learning and practicing project management for years know that “fast to market” is a critical concern. There are projects that are precisely planned (predictive or traditional projects), while other projects can operate entirely on agile principles so they do not require a project plan. Then you there are combinations of both within a project where you have planning before the project begins (traditional), with an agile software development (no plan) within the project lifecycle. Such a project is known as a hybrid project which is very popular in manufacturing circles such as vehicles, planes, and more manufacturing. Each of these three project options are called project methodologies. From the onset the PM needs to determine the best methodology to use based on the project. There are established best practices for understanding the business environment, knowing what leadership variations there are within the different project types and how to acquire, develop, and motivate the team so you can get the required work done through others. Highly experienced PMs are excited to learn that we have cloned exam questions for their exam practice. These quizzes along with our supplemental material for project implementation and exam visibility, and two checklists make preparing for the Exam much faster than in the past. The 15 workflows we provide guidelines which are crucial for project implementation. Join a Class: See: Comprehensive learning tools. Testimonials.

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PMP Certification Training and related trainings are my passion. SmartPath LLC was founded in May 2007 in Washington State. PMI-ACP and PMI-PBA, PgMP, PMI-SP, EDMP for Big Data BI End Users, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt and other project management related training are all the subject of this blog. We live in a dynamic world. Information is changing rapidly. Better ways to lead, better ways to manage or do our work are changing at record speed.
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